Mother's Day Styled Shoot

Mothers Day is one of the biggest days of the year for florist!!! Even more than Valentine Day.

Everyone loves to spoil there mum on mother's day and why not they are always the ones holding everything together and always there for you.

This year Flowers Of Envy was lucky enough to get a story in the local newspaper On The Coast show casing Mother's Day Photo Shoots!!!

They are very popular at the moment with lovely flower crowns and other flower props to capture really beautiful photos.

Its a great gift for any mum to have a gorgeous photo of her and her baby (like featured pic of Courtney and baby Pearl) or even with your pets.

Flower Crowns are very popular also for Birthdays/Hens Day/ Engagement Party and Baby Showers.

I also do Flower Crown Parties/Workshops for groups who want to learn how to make flower crowns.

Taking orders now for Flower Crowns or any ideas you might want to try. I have a really good Photograph in the local area who loves taking photos and thinking out of the box.

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